(004) (Jul-Aug 2020, Student Helper) Mr. Kwok-Chen Yung will receive his higher diploma in Chemical Technology in 2020. He recently joined Dr. Franco Leung Laboratory as a research student helper. Chen is a conscientious and optimistic student with strong motivation to learn more chemistry knowledge. He was working on synthesis and characterization of novel photoresponsive amphiphiles.

(006) (Aug-Nov 2020, Research Assistant) Mr. Fulin Yao obtained his BSc in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (2009), and then he finished his Master in Chemistry from Jiangxi Normal University (2013) with focus on polymeric materials synthesis and characterizations. Fulin served as research assistant in Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials and Engineering (2013-2015), later he became an organic synthesis research fellow in Shanghai ChemPartner (2015-2019) and TCI (2019-2020). After his long journey in commercial companies, in late July 2020, Fulin joined us as a research assistant to strengthen our synthetic capability. Fulin has left our group on Nov 2020.

(008) (Sept-Dec 2020, FYP) Mr. Yuk-Sing Lo is going to finish his BSc in Chemical Technology in 2021. The degree programme introduced various chemical knowledge from different realms to him. He decided to choose organic synthesis as his final year project's orientation. He is focusing on the synthesis and supramolecular assembling of azobenzene-based amphiphiles in our group. Yuk Sing has left our group on Dec 2020.